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What is Cryptocurrency? A Beginner's explanation Part II

In part I of my two part series on Cryptocurrency, i detailed my background as an older person, not well versed in technology and what I understood of the benefits and advantages of cryptocurrency. In this, Part II, of the series, i will list some disadvantages from the perspective of someone who is new to Cryptocurrencies.

Posted on February 16, 2019 6:52 PM

MoonTrade's First Bounty!
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Posted on February 12, 2019 12:31 AM

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Whether the market goes up or down, Crypto will remain a great investment.

If you are new to the whole cryptocurrency world and just got into it in 2018 or now, you would probably hear about the "Great Crash" in value of crypto and think quite correctly "Why should i invest?". What you won't hear is that even with this great crash, people who bought Bitcoin at $1 have made 3500 TIMES their investment today.

Posted on February 05, 2019 8:10 PM

MoonTrade.org announces XRP OTC trading

Posted on January 26, 2019 5:04 PM

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How to Buy or Sell Crypto Using: Zelle

So you want to buy or sell crypto? Well, we are here to teach you how in the simplest way possible. In this article, we will deal with buying or selling crypto via Zelle.

Posted on January 13, 2019 3:02 PM

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How To Start A Home Business By Mining Bitcoin

There is a new craze in the world, from grandmas in Siberia to teenagers in Venezuela, everyone is getting on board the Bitcoin Mining train.

If you are new to Bitcoin or the cryptocurrency world in general, you may be wondering, what is Bitcoin Mining? The technical aspect of Mining will not be discussed here, that will come later, for now, I assume you are just a normal person going about your day, having a cup of coffee or tea (as is your preference!

Posted on December 31, 2018 6:44 PM

Merry Christmas!

To all the supporters of MoonTrade..

Posted on December 25, 2018 2:37 PM

Our listing deposit is less than others!

Posted on December 18, 2018 5:29 PM

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How do I protect my Bitcoin, Ethereum or other crypto?

Good morning all!

In this day and age we have a lot of convenience in our lives with the internet, computers, smartphones etc.

Posted on December 18, 2018 4:37 PM

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Additional Crypto Support

MoonTrade is currently live on BTC. And will be switching over to ETH mainnet this weekend.

Posted on December 13, 2018 1:27 PM

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How to view ads in your country

To view ads in your country, register and verify email. Login and go to the Buy or Sell page.

Posted on December 11, 2018 9:51 PM

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How To Activate Vendor Status

When you sign up on MoonTrade, you can buy and sell BTC, ETH or XRP. from any other user.

Posted on December 01, 2018 5:22 PM

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BTC is Live

Hello MoonTraders! BTC is live on mainnet now!

Posted on November 30, 2018 5:23 PM

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0.01 BTC giveaway to one of the first 100 testers.

MoonTrade is giving away 0.01 BTC to one lucky tester out of the first 100 to register and test out the exchange.

Posted on November 13, 2018 3:59 PM

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ETH Update

Hello MoonTraders! Just a quick update: BTC is fully functional , ETH is being updated and will be up again soon.

Posted on November 12, 2018 3:50 PM


Find us on reddit as the MoonTradeX subreddit. Link : Posted on November 06, 2018 4:17 PM

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Claiming a username for Established Traders

For established traders in the OTC crypto space, there is a preponderance of people trying to register on exchanges with your username and then using your reputation to conduct business.

In this particular case, New Users are fooled into trusting The Scammer, while The Scammer demands that the Funds are released before the transaction is completed.

Posted on October 30, 2018 10:25 PM

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