Frequently Asked Questions

Deposits & Withdrawals

Before you open a support ticket for Deposit issues, please check the following:

1. You have correctly entered your MoonTrade wallet address.
2. Carefully observe your MoonTrade wallet address, is there a destination tag? Is there a Memo field? If yes, you HAVE to enter this into the wallet you are sending funds from or they will not be routed correctly to your MoonTrade wallet.
3. Check if the sending wallet has enough funds to cover both the amount you are sending and the network transaction fees. MoonTrade does not charge any fees for deposits, so checking the blockchain will be the best way to see where things went wrong.
4. If you have entered everything correctly and still have not received the funds in your MoonTrade wallet, contact the support team of the wallet you have sent the funds from and ask them to resolve the issue.

If after going through all the steps above, you are still facing an issue, open a support ticket on MoonTrade, we will be happy to help! 🙂
Before you open a support ticket for any issues you face during Withdrawal, please make sure of the following:

1. That you have actually submitted a withdrawal.
2. Always check for error notifications when sending e.g. If you get "INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS" notice, it means you have entered more coins than you have. This can happen because withdrawal fees are taken out of your BALANCE, not the amount you enter in.
3. If the address you are sending funds to requires a "Tag" or "Memo" etc, please make sure to add it to the destination address field. Without this, your withdrawal may get stuck on the destination service's end and you would have to contact them to get the issue resolved.
4. If a withdrawal is taking longer than usual, always check the Blockchain. MoonTrade has no control over the blockchain and during times of heavy congestion, transactions take a bit longer to confirm.

if you have followed all the steps above and are still facing the issue, go ahead and open a support ticket on MoonTrade, we will be glad to help you! 🙂

Posting Ads and Trading Crypto

To post ads, you first have to activate "Vendor" status.
Once Vendor status is activated, you will see a list of options including

"Create A Listing",

click on this.
In the listing page you will have all the options to set the price, location, limits and methods of payment and which Crypto you want to Buy or Sell.
To set price of crypto, find the field marked


Input the percentage above or below the market rate you want to sell the crypto. e.g.

In "Rate" field :
0 is equal to market price of Crypto.
0.01 is equal to 1% above the market price.
-0.01 is equal to 1% below the market price.
1 is equal to 100% above market price, 2 is equal is 200% above market price. etc

When you set the rate, the price it is going to be listed at will be displayed as a popup on the right hand sife of the rate box. You can use this to finetune the rate you want to buy or sell at.
When you sign up on MoonTrade, you can buy and sell BTC, ETH or XRP. from any other user.
 If you want to be a trader, i.e. post ads to buy and sell any of the above cryptocurrencies, then you need to go to:

  "Settings" -> "Become A Vendor"

and voila! Now you can Post "Buy" and "Sell" ads.
You do not need to deposit any crypto in your wallet to start posting ads and to begin selling. In the future this may be revised to prevent spam.
If you have made the payment but forgot to notify the seller by pressing "Mark As Paid" then the trade will auto-cancel in 60 minutes.

If this happens, use the trade chat to ask the seller if you can re-open the trade and he can release the Crypto to you.
If the Seller does not respond or does not agree and you have proof of payment, open a Support ticket and mention the Trade ID so MoonTrade Support can help you.

If the Seller withdraws the funds before MoonTrade can step in and help, then MoonTrade will contact the seller and ask them to fund the trade again, if the Seller does not comply within 72 hours, they will be banned. However, you will also lose your funds, so always "Mark As Paid" when you pay a seller.
When you try to buy Crypto from a Seller and you get an error stating

"Insufficient Funds"

It means that the seller is currently out of the Cryptocurrency you are trying to purchase.

Please try again with a lesser amount or you can try again after some time, or you can try another Seller.

When you are trying to Sell Crypto to a Buyer and you get the error

"Insufficient Funds"

It means that you do not have enough funds in your wallet to cover the amount you are trying to sell along with the transaction fee. Try to open the trade with a lower amount.
If your Buyers are unable to open a trade with you there could be a few reasons.

Issue 1. You do not have enough Crypto in your wallet to fund your trades.
If you have posted an ad for $10 and you only have $5 worth of Crypto in your wallet, buyers will not be able to open a trade with you.
Solution: Deposit more crypto in your wallet until you reach the minimum trade amount set by you.

Issue 2.You posted an ad for $1 or a small amount and no one can open a trade with you
Unlike other exchanges, MoonTrade gives you complete transparency with your wallet address, you can go on the blockchain anytime and see all transfers in and out of your wallet
When opening a trade your minimum limits should be enough to cover the sale, transaction and miner fees. During times of very high network traffic, Miner Fees skyrocket to ridiculous highs, MoonTrade cannot control Miner fees, during these times if your Minimum limit to sell or buy is too low you will get an error informing you why.
Solution: It is best to keep minimum limits to a reasonable amount and in times of high network traffic, just wait for some time while the miner fees return to normal and try again

Sharing Information with Traders

In some cases, during a trade, the trader may ask for your ID. If you are trading for the first time with a trader he may ask for you to identify yourself by uploading a government issued ID.
This is because in certain countries sellers are required by local laws to know who their customers are.
Most sellers explain in the terms of the trade if they require ID verification or not.

If you are not comfortable giving the seller your ID, you can always cancel the trade and search for a trader who doesn't want your ID. If you do decide to upload the ID, always do so via the trade chat, which is secured by end-to-end encryption on our servers.

Never Send Your ID to a Trader Outside the MoonTrade chat.

Fees and Miscellaenous

Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, once you’ve sent money to a Crypto address it is not possible for you or MoonTrade to reverse it.

To get your Crypto back you can try to find the owner of the address you sent your Crypto to and ask them to return the Crypto to you.
MoonTrade has very few fees and much of them are simple. MoonTrade also doesn't charge you silly fees for depositing funds etc.

Trade Fee
MoonTrade charges a fee for each trade that takes place on the platform. This fee ranges from 0.25%-1% depending on volume of trade.
The bigger your trade, the lower your fee. You will never be charged more than 1% for any trade.

Deposit Fees?
MoonTrade has no deposit fees.

Withdrawal Fees
MoonTrade withdrawal fees are dynamic and fall in a range as follows:
BTC- 0.0001 to 0.0005 depending on network
ETH - 0.003 to 0.008 depending on network.
XRP - 0.3 to 0.8 depending on ledger.
If you always keep a margin for the maximum fee in your withdrawals you will be safe.
However, the meximums have never been reached so far.🙂

Any Other Fee
MoonTrade has no deposit requirements to post ads. You can sign up and post ads immediately.
However if you do not have the funds to cover your sell ads, buyers will not be able to open a transaction with you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Getting started

MoonTrade is an OTC marketplace for buying and selling cryptocurrency.

Currently the cryptocurrencies offered are:
Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum(ETH) and Ripple(XRP).

An OTC marketplace means an "Over-The-Counter" marketplace. Think of it like this, usually if you wanted to buy Stock in Apple, you would go to an exchange and register with them, give them your information, plus any more information and private details they may need, and finally they would, maybe, allow you to buy Apple stock. In an OTC marketplace, you don't do any of this stuff. You just find someone willing to sell Apple Stock to you directly and buy from them. It is a transaction between you and someone else, with no other organization poking it's nose in your business.
To Buy Cryptocurrency on MoonTrade:
1. Click on the "Buy" button on home page.
2. Select your country or state.
3. Select what payment method you would like to use to purchase (Paypal, Bank Transfer, Zelle, Qiwi etc)
4. Select which Crypto you would like to purchase, Bitcoin is selected by default but Ethereum and Ripple can also be selected.
5. Select from the list of sellers, their rate is displayed under "Asking Price", click on "Buy"
6. Enter the amount you would like to buy in the next page, this will open a chat box with the seller if he has funds to cover his trade.
7. Confirm payment details with the seller, provide any information the Seller requires, make the payment and upload proof of payment.
8. Once the Seller has confirmed payment, he will release the Crypto to your wallet and the trade will be complete. Don't forget to leave feedback!
9. Go to "Wallet" and your crypto will be there. From here on out you can transfer this crypto out to your external wallet or use it to purchase things in the "Marketplace" section or under listings.

To Sell Cryptocurrency on MoonTrade:
1. Click on the "Sell" button on home page.
2. Select your country or state.
3. Select what payment method you would like to use to sell your cryptocurrency (Paypal, Bank Transfer, Zelle, Qiwi etc)
4. Select which Crypto you would like to sell. Bitcoin is selected by default but Ethereum and Ripple can also be selected.
5. Select from the list of Buyers, their rate is displayed under "Asking Price", click on "Sell"
6. Enter the amount you would like to sell in the next page, this will open a chat box with the Buyer if you have funds to cover the sell trade.
7. Confirm payment details with the Buyer, provide any information the Buyer requires, confirm that you have received the payment and if required ask for proof of payment.
8. Once the Buyer has confirmed payment, release the Crypto to them and the trade will be complete. Don't forget to leave feedback!
9. From here on out you can use the funds from your crypto sale.
You can buy or sell any fraction of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or other cryptocurrency. There are no upper limits or lower limits.

The limits only depend on the Seller or Buyer. E.g. let's say you are looking to Buy some crypto:
If someone is selling between $20 and $500 of Bitcoin or Ethereum or Ripple then you can buy a minimum of $20 and a maximum of $500 from them. Other sellers may be selling more, and you can always open a trade with a Seller and ask them if they can sell what you require. In all cases, when you complete that trade through MoonTrade whether it is for $1 or $1 Million+, MoonTrade is always there to provide you secure escrow and peace of mind.
The same applies to Selling your crypto, you are always protected.

For trades in excess of $10,000 you can also open a Support Ticket and ask the MoonTrade team to help you Buy or Sell the amount you want and we will work with you to make it happen!
MoonTrade updates Crypto prices every minute so you always have the latest prices to deal with.

Sometimes the Crypto markets fluctuate rapidly, so the ads may update accordingly. On rare occassion, data is not immediately available for some currencies, which leads to a short delay in updating the advertisement prices.
All online trades on MoonTrade are protected by secure escrow.

For Buyers
When a trade is started the amount of Bitcoin or Ethereum or Ripple (or any other crypto you want to buy or sell) is automatically reserved from the Seller's MoonTrade Wallet. This means that if the seller runs away with your money and does not release your Crypto, MoonTrade support can release the crypto to you from escrow.

For Sellers
Selling crypto is simple with MoonTrade. However, Sellers have to deal with fraud too. If a buyer pays you and is unable to furnish evidence of their identity or proof of payment then you are protected from losing your Crypto by Secure Escrow as well as an active support team that will assist in any dispute or complaint. MoonTrade is also deploying a proprietary system to prevent fraudulent buyers from paying and reversing payments and then running away with your crypto by immediately withdrawing it. This system is called MoonSecure™. We will be publishing more details as we deploy this.
As you are a Seller, be very very careful to vet Buyers and never release Escrow until you are sure that you have received the payment from Buyer.
MoonTrade has established a whole host of fraud prevention measures, some of which are addressed below, We are actively updating this list

MoonTrade uses secure encrypted login that gives you Four layers of security
1. Email and Password Login. - Having just this on your account is considered WEAK level of security.
2. Captcha Login: Everytime you try to login you have to complete a Captcha challenge that only humans can do, this prevents automated-scripts from hacking your account. This is enabled by default and with this your account security is considered MEDIUM
3. 2FA - Two Factor Authentication is our preferred method of minimum security that everyone should enable. See "Account Security" below on how to enable this. With this enabled your account security is considered STRONG
4. Text Notifications - If you have followed all the 3 steps above and follow this, you will seldom be in a position to be hacked or lose your funds to attacks. You have to enable this by going to "Settings" and verifying your phone number and enabling Text Notifications for your account. MoonTrade considers the usage of all 4 steps in this section to secure your account to meet the standards of MoonSecure™ Level 1 security which we consider VERY STRONG

MoonTrade automatically logs you out if there has not been any activity on your account for a few hours, this prevents people from using your account if you are in a hurry and forget to logout.

Account Security
All MoonTrade account details are encrypted using 256-bit or higher encryption. In addition this the MoonTrade offers the following features and recommend you use them
1. Two Factor Authentication (2FA): 2FA is a technology that generates secure time-based codes using a "Secret Key" which you can import into apps like Authy or Google Authenticator. To activate this go to "Settings" -> "Enable 2FA"
2. Email Notifications: Email notifications for deposits, withdrawals as well as trades are enabled by default along with the details of the addresses your Withdrawals are sent to.
3. Text Notifications: Text notifications for deposits, withdrawals as well as trades have to be manually enabled by going to:
"Settings -> "Phone" entering your phone number, verifying it and then enabling "Settings"-> "Notifications" -> "Receive SMS"
Doing this sends you an alert via SMS anytime a transaction on your account takes place along with the details of the addresses your Withdrawals are sent to.

Wallet Security
Your MoonTrade wallets for BTC, ETH, XRP or any crypto are unique and directly linked to their respective blockchains. This makes it extremely secure and resistant against hacking attacks on the exchange itself as well as allows you to be aware of all transactions on your wallet.

Wallet Withdrawals
Your MoonTrade wallet is directly linked to the Blockchain, it allows you to deposit and withdraw funds as and when you wish. However, if our proprietary security system MoonSecure™ detects unusual activity on your wallet, it institutes a few safety measures as well as notifies you of any and all deposits and withdrawals.
E.g. let us suppose your login details are compromised and someone has access to your wallet and you have not activated 2FA security, the person trying to send funds will not be able to break down the transaction into multiple small transactions to make it hard to track them, the first withdrawal will send you an alert and will wait for the first withdrawal to get consistently confirmed on the Blockchain multiple times before a second withdrawal can take place. This way, you have a window of safety where you can lock out the fraudster and still save most of your funds.
This also applies to too many simultaneous withdrawals to multiple addresses. If you would like to submit withdrawals, MoonTrade recommends withdrawing the whole amount at once instead of trying to withdraw multiple small amounts, you can still withdraw multiple small amounts but you will have to wait for the previous transaction to be confirmed on the blockchain before another one can be submitted.
BTC Price: 4123.90 ETH Price: 141.58 XRP Price: 0.32