MoonTrade announces XRP OTC trading

   Richard G

Posted on January 26, 2019 5:04 PM

There are many cryptocurrencies out there that we like here at 

We started off with the first and Gold Standard, Bitcoin, and then we added the Silver Standard Ethereum, which showed the world a new way of using Blockchain to not only transfer money but fund projects and make apps that use that money.
Our third choice, after much deliberation is another such Cryptocurrency. This one has the added distinction of being backed by a solid institution that believes in Innovation and has established relationships with existing Financial Behemoths, this organizations is Ripple Labs. 

 The third Cryptocurrency, MoonTrade is proud to present is Ripple. XRP
Apart from our fondness for this crypto, there are a few reasons why we decided to make XRP available for OTC trading.

 1. Currently, if you want to buy or sell XRP to someone, you have to go through a tedious process of: First buying Bitcoin -> then transferring it to an exchange -> then converting BTC to XRP -> then transferring XRP to the buyer or seller.
2. We've simplified this to two steps: Buy/Sell XRP -> Pay In Fiat
3. XRP is magnitudes faster than both Bitcoin and Ethereum when it comes to transfer speeds, if you want to send money to someone in the form of Bitcoin, it can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 4 hours. With Ethereum, this is reduced to 10 minutes to a day (when the network is clogged). With XRP, you can send funds to anyone anywhere IN SECONDS.
4. XRP is easy for newbies to acquire. Unlike BTC which is $3500 and ETH which is $120+, XRP starts at $0.33. Yes, you read that right, 33 cents. So if you are someone new to crypto and are feeling a little lost at not being able to invest in BTC or ETH without forking over massive sums of money, XRP is a great investment, It has already grown 30 TIMES IN VALUE since 2016 and reached a high of 150 TIMES ITS VALUE in 2017. We expect you to get an ROI of at least 10 times on any investment in XRP over the next 2 years, so it's a great time to invest in it.
5. XRP is easy to buy on, just register and choose which payment method you want to use to buy or sell it and get paid in your country's currency. Until the deal is complete your XRP is always i secure escrow. MoonTrade's payment methods cover the USA, Europe, Africa, South America, Central Asia, Russia and East Asia.
6. We provide a free wallet for you to sell or buy or store XRP, you can also easily send XRP to your MoonTrade wallet or send it out from your MoonTrade wallet instantly in seconds, no complicated forms or details needed.
With all the points above, we just want to finish with the most important, XRP is fast, it's affordable and it's a great way to send and receive money to friends, families and businesses. We like it and we want you to have an easy way to buy and sell it.

So, is glad to introduce and support XRP trading between people on our platform.
It's a brave new world and we are here to help you explore it!

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