How to Start a Crypto OTC Trading Business and make 4%-10% Everyday

   Maggie Q

Posted on January 28, 2019 2:23 AM

I was a happily married woman in late 2016 (and still am) when I started reading about Bitcoin. Not having much else to do, I started researching this really fun and interesting new kind of money. By August 2016 i was hooked and decided to dip my toes into Bitcoin.

My plan was to use my free time after sending my kids to school to trade Bitcoin with other people, buy from people at a lower rate and sell at a higher rate. It was surprisingly easy. I started on a few websites and realized that as long as i kept myself safe and did diligence on confirming the Identity of my buyers, i was good to go. I could buy at 2%-5% below market from people looking to sell OTC and sell at 2%-5% above to people looking to buy from me and not an exchange. For those of you who are not as good at math (and i am terrible at math!) this usually averaged out to 4%-10% EVERY DAY. 

To put this in perspective, if you invested $1000 in day 1 and traded with these margins for 3 years without having any breaks you would be a millionaire easily. And i didn't even start with a huge amount of money, i just started with $1200.

What got me hooked was that here was a way to completely change my life and contribute to the household in a meaningful way with all the free time i had as a stay at home mom. My trades and reputation became bigger and bigger and so did my profit margins. There are days when I have made $3000 in an hour and then taken the rest of the day off.

When rolled out around December 2018, i was already looking to diversify my business. I had reached a ceiling with my existing avenues of trades and the restrictions were getting too bothersome. Either an exchange wanted me to keep my wallet funded before showing my ads or they put limits on the number of ads i could post or worse, they put a limit on the amount of Bitcoin I could buy or sell. While exploring MoonTrade, i realized that the people who designed this exchange had already been through these headaches and had made this whole process of signing up, posting ads and beginning buying and selling, completely hassle-free.

In the 2.5 years since I've started this business, we've made enough to put both of our kids through school, buy a new house and save up more than enough to retire completely. I am even on the verge of hiring some people for my business as i have followed all regulations and rules pertaining to this business which are surprisingly easy. At this point, i just want a simple way to continue and diversify my business. 

I had been exploring Ethereum and Ripple but did not want to juggle multiple websites to trade all of these, the clincher for me to move my operations over to MoonTrade was the announcement that not only did they support Bitcoin but they allowed me to Buy and Sell both Ethereum and Ripple! (Ripple is my new favorite due to it's low price and huge interest from "noobs" like me).

If you had told me 3 years ago i could work a few hours a day and make 4%-10% a day everyday over my investment, i would have laughed and called you crazy. Today, i am living proof that yes, as long as you follow good practices and are consistent, it isn't only possible, it's downright great.

If you are someone sitting at home with a lot of time and some money to spare, sign up and give it a try. You won't regret it, in fact you might even be living the life of your dreams within an year or two. 

I know I did. 🙂 

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Nice article.
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Shh. ur letting out all the secrets. jk good article.
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Ripple? I dont think so on making 4%-10% a day. Theres no such fix profitability on trading but as long you are able to maintain it on positive then you are still on the good path and only a few would able to sustain on this very volatile market.
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I think the message is more that if you are doing multiple trades a day, then 4% is very achievable, gotta be fast about the trades. And gotta target the stable range days. It's bee pretty stable between 0.3 and 0.33 for the last few weeks