New Traders Please Have Balance for trades

   Helga S

Posted on July 15, 2019 10:36 AM

Hey new MoonTraders!
We love having you in our rapidly growing community and are excited to offer you the best features of any OTC marketplaces like 

1. No Deposit Fees
2. No listing fees for ads
3. No deposit required etc

While we appreciate new sellers coming on board we encourage you to go through the FAQs.

If you are selling any amount of Bitcoin, please make sure you have the minimum amount of Bitcoin in your wallet to cover the lowest amount of your trade. This allows buyers to open a trade with you and have a conversation with you which may translate to an even bigger trade down the line. 

Remember, if you do not have the minimum amount of your BTC Ad limit in your wallet, no one will be able to open a trade with you or even talk to you. This is especially important when someone really likes your offer and just wants to open a secure chat window to discuss possible future trades or bigger trades.

If your lower ad limits are too high for you to deposit the corresponding Bitcoin in your wallet, just lower your ad limits and inform buyers of your minimum limits via chat. Remember, unlike other exchanges, no one can give you a bad review if the trade is never completed.  🙂 

Hope to see more of you take care and post ads and keep growing our wonderful community.

Happy Trading!

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