The MoonTrade Social Bounty is now active 😄

   Helga S

Posted on March 25, 2019 5:12 PM

Hello MoonTraders!

We are happy to announce that the 5th MoonTrade Social Bounty is now Live. 

For terms and conditions see below, and to participate, go to BitcoinTalk. We will also be posting this bounty to AltCoinstalk soon.


MoonTrade is an OTC marketplace for buying and selling cryptocurrency.Currently, the cryptocurrencies offered are: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP).

We invite everyone interested to join and help us grow and strengthen our community.

Total bounty pool is 0.001 BTC weekly per all action on social media for each participant (1/30 Slots)

  General rules for the MoonTrade bounty campaign:
  • To receive the bounty reward you need to Sign up on, verify email(If you get an error during registration, don't panic. Wait a few minutes and check your email for the confirmation email.) and phone (optional), and set a NickName
  • One-time per user,  with the caveat that since week 2 team keep 5 spots within the 30 open for people who are regular contributors, traders or who really like the exchange
  • You need to register for the campaign through a Registration Form MoonTrade and reply* in this thread in order to be accepted:
  • This campaign will be running every week from Monday to Sunday.
  • Payment will be sent directly to your MoonTrade account. Make sure you are registered, verify email(If you get an error during registration, don't panic. Wait a few minutes and check your email for the confirmation email.) and phone number (optional).

    Action Required
    • Follow MoonTrade on Twitter and retweet latest tweet or mention on Twitter at least 3 times, retweet must have a link to the MoonTrade website , the hashtag #MoonTrade AND at least 2 of these hashtags: #OTC #marketplace #Cryptocurrency #BTC #ETH #XRP #Crypto #Blockchain. YOU MUST INCLUDE THESE IN YOUR retweet, otherwise they won’t be counted! No burst retweeting. You need to have a minimum of 500 real followers.
    • Follow MoonTrade on Telegram group
    • Follow MoonTrade on Reddit, make 3 comments (120+ characters) or threads on Reddit per week. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions! No burst posting on Reddit. Karma 50+
    • Send your weekly report through MoonTrade Reports Form

    Extra stage - bonuses
    Bonus 1 (0.0005 BTC):
    • Post 2 Ads, any Category. any country.
    • 0.0005 BTC Reward (0/10 Slots)

    Bonus 2 (0.001 BTC):
    • Complete one trade successfully as a seller or buyer.
    • 0.001 BTC Reward (0/10 Slots)

    Referral bonus (0.001 BTC):
    • If you bring any established trader to the website and they join and post ads and start trading. Established traders should have an established presence on either LBC, LocalEthereum or Paxful!
    • 0.001 BTC Reward

Bounty Manager is @LastCryptoHunter

Happy Trading!

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Proof post. Hello! Please accept me to campaign. Thank you.
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Hello MoonTraders! The second week of the bounty campaign is active and there are still slots available! Take part!
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The MoonTrade Social Bounty is now active 😄
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