Claiming a username for Established Traders

Posted on October 30, 2018 10:25 PM

For established traders in the OTC crypto space, there is a preponderance of people trying to register on exchanges with your username and then using your reputation to conduct business.

In this particular case, New Users are fooled into trusting The Scammer, while The Scammer demands that the Funds are released before the transaction is completed. In case the User objects, the Scammer will provide Links to the Trader's established profile in other Exchanges.

The User, believing this, will release the Funds early; after which the Scammers will Reverse Payment. Always ask for Identity Proof while Trading.

As the crypto OTC marketplace is still growing, there are quite a few established traders with names that are common across multiple websites, one of the problems MoonTrade addesses is also to give these traders One Place to trade all their different cryptos. This helps in consolidation of operations and reduces the headaches of chasing Impostors across the web from exchange to exchange.

Most OTC Crypto Traders are very hard working people who spend a lot of time and effort working with very slim margins. MoonTrade has been advised by Traders from different countries and all economic backgrounds and some of the stories of success are truly heartfelt tales of hard word, dedication and effort in the face of overwhelming odds.

The least that we, at MoonTrade, can do is to make sure that all that hard work and effort over the years is not be taken advantage of by unscrupulous people.

With this in mind, MoonTrade wants to provide a secure platform for both Sellers and Buyers. As a Seller, if you have 500+ trades in any other OTC exchange and can verify your identity, MoonTrade will reserve your username for you!

If it is being misused, please register and open a ticket and we will recover it for you.

Note: You cannot park your username without activity, if you claim your username after verification, please be active. Our goal is to create a safer community for traders as well as buyers.


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