How do I protect my Bitcoin, Ethereum or other crypto?

Posted on December 18, 2018 4:37 PM

Good morning all!

In this day and age we have a lot of convenience in our lives with the internet, computers, smartphones etc. unfortunately this convenience also makes the life of thieves easier.

The same technology that allows you to digitally send or receive money in the form of Bitcoin or Ethereum etc from your wallet with the click of a button, also allows anyone else to do the same if they have your email and password.

Keeping your email and password secret is important but people who are out to steal your information are more sophisticated, you can be tricked into giving out your email and then tricked into resetting your password. Once a thief has your email and password, they can empty out your wallet easily. But, there's a solution!

2FA is a new technology, it is short for 2 Factor Authentication. The way it works is, anyone with a smartphone can download an app such as "Authy", and setup a second Code which is demanded everytime you login to your account on MoonTrade. This Code does not connect to the internet, is available only to you and even if someone steals your email and password, he cannot access your account without this Passcode. And the best thing is, the Passcode changes every few seconds, as such this makes guessing it pretty much impossible.

The flipside is that if you lose this Passcode, you may be locked out of your own account with no way in. But as long as you are careful to backup the password key which is generated when you activate this security level, you will always be able to recover your Passcode.

Now, you may be asking, "how do i activate this feature?" Well, it's simple:

1. Go to and login

2. Go to "Settings"

3. Go to "Activate 2FA"

4. Note down the Passcode Secret-Key (it will be a bunch of numbers and characters) and enter it in the app called "Authy" (available for all smartphones and also on the computer), once you enter the secret key into "Authy", you will see a Code;, enter this Code into the box which says "Enter 2FA Code" and voila, now you have 2FA enabled.

On MoonTrade, everytime you login, or send funds from your wallet, or release funds to a buyer, you will be asked for this Passcode, so just open up the "Authy" app on your phone and enter the Code when asked for it.

In this way you have total control over your account and stealing from you becomes very very difficult.

In this day of fast evolving technology, thieves are getting smarter and so should you. Please remember to turn on 2FA for your account to make sure your assets are secure.

Also, always use https:// instead of http:// while visiting MoonTrade. It is a further level of security.

Happy Trading!

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