The Second MoonTrade bounty is here! 
The First MoonTrade Bounty is Over and the winners are also here. 

Helga Support   

Posted on February 18, 2019 2:39 AM

We here at MoonTrade love the support you've shown and welcome you to our community.

As you all know, MoonTrade held it's first ever Bounty starting last week. You can see the thread on Bitcointalk below:

We want to thank everyone who contributed. Even as you read this, the Bounty Awards are being sent to the MoonTrade wallet of the winners. 😁

We had over 60 participants who were all amazing. And, the winners are:

1. DT_Maroon5
2. Dunfida
3. Yamifoud
4. Tungsten-1
5. Ashe
6. vv181
7. glwoing10
8. angel55
9. SidTheBest

If you want to be part of the next campaign and future campaigns, be sure to follow MoonTrade threads on Bitcointalk and also keep checking our blog here.

The link for the new bounty is: 

You can also follow us on Twitter: @MoonTradeX

Also, note that MoonTrade is setup so that your Wallet waits to confirm the previous transactions on blockchain before new ones can be sent. If you try to send BTC from your wallet while your previous transaction is not confirmed on the Bitcoin network, you will receive an error. Once the previous transaction is confirmed, you can go ahead and send out more. This is a fraud-prevention feature to prevent abuse of the exchange.

Once again, congrats to the winners and we're glad to have you with us!

Happy Trading!

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Wishing good luck for MoonTrade, I'd definitely interested to contribute if there is any upcoming bounty again.
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I'd also like to know more about the trading bounty!
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For the trading bounty in the thread, do we have to be on Bitcointalk to participate? I have already posted ads.
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Thanks guys! Stay tuned. The new bounties are being rolled out shortly. There will be 2 bounties, one targeting traders who trade on MoonTrade, so you can see yourself being rewarded while running your business. Thanks again!
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I would be interested as well. =)
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I missed the last signature capaign in bitcointalk. I will be interrested joining in future campaigns or contests. Keep the good work :)
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We will update the post with the link to the new bounty!
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I would like to continue for the 2nd week as well. So, we would need to wait for another announcement before starting on posting?
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Hey dunfida! The link for the announcement is above. =)