MoonTrade's First Bounty!

   Helga S

Posted on February 12, 2019 12:31 AM

Hello MoonTraders!

We are launching the first ever bounty on MoonTrade to help and reward those who support us. 

Details and sign ups are on the Bitcointalk thread below. Here's a short review of what is expected. We want to hear what you think about MoonTrade through this bounty!

The Rules & Requirements:

- Wear the appropriate Signature & Avatar.
- A minimum of 20 constructive posts/week is required to be eligible for payment.
- Sign up on, verify email and phone, and set a NickName.
- Make a minimum of 5 posts in the Marketplace Sections each week, these posts will count towards the 20 posts per week requirement.
- Have a minimum of 5 earned Merit
- Do not have legitimate negative feedback from my perspective or you'll get removed without payment or notice.
- Do not receive legitimate negative feedback or you'll be removed without payment or notice.
- Do not enroll with alts or you'll get removed without payment or notice.
- Do not participate in any other campaigns or you'll be removed without payment or notice.
- Posts in this thread, off-topic as well as Games & Rounds won't count towards the 20post minimum.
- This campaign will be running for one week only (for now), from Monday to Sunday.
- Payment will be sent directly to your MoonTrade account. Make sure you sign up, verify your signup email and phone number.
Activate phone notifications on your MoonTrade account so you get notified when payments are credited to your MoonTrade wallet.

Payout Structure and Positions:

4x Member Positions - 0.002BTC/Week.
3x Full Member Positions - 0.004BTC/Week.
3x Sr. Member Positions - 0.005BTC/Week.
2x Hero/Legendary Positions - 0.006BTC/Week.

Bitcointalk Bounty Link:

Happy Hunting!

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Is there a higher chance of running the campaign for more weeks?
Profile picture
Hey Bitcoingeek! We are aiming to make this a longer campaign depending on the feedback and results of the first bounty. Thank You For Your Support!
Profile picture
I'm one of the participants of this signature campaign.Hope it can give some positive outcome to the site which can possibly prolong this campaign.Good luck
Profile picture
Thanks dunfida! Love the profile pic!
Profile picture
I will join too whenever a slot for Hero Member opens. It's full as of the moment
Profile picture
We would be glad to see you with us! 🙂
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I'm not find Verify phone number at settings,Where I can find this option?
Profile picture
Hey Cacinga! You can go to settings and in the field "Phone Number" please enter your number in the format(countrycode)(Number) you do not need to put a plus sign. This will allow you to verify as well as opt in for text notifications.
Profile picture
Hi Helga, i am trying to set up phone verification, but it says "could not convert phone number"
Profile picture
Hi Jsraw, please open a support ticket so we can help you with this.
Profile picture
Pretty dope. Any bonuses for listing and trading?
Profile picture
You never know! Stay tuned, we may add that on to the next one. 😊
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