PSA: MoonTrade encourages direct Buyer-Seller engagement


Posted on July 11, 2020 7:31 AM

Hello MoonTraders!
In case you didn’t know, MoonTrade does not place any restrictions on trading within escrow. With our policy of no-KYC and privacy, we encourage people to post ads and, if they trust each other, trade directly. 

To post ads, you need a tiny deposit of 0.002 BTC. Support is always there to guide you for any issues with ads, deposits etc. 

For direct trades, please remember that it is at the discretion of the seller, if you are a new buyer and don’t have much history, the seller may choose to do a few trades with you first on the exchange with its custodial wallet before they trade directly with you. 

This is usually because chargebacks are a huge problem in the peer to peer space, and also the reason that MoonTrade is a custodial wallet where you can buy, sell, spend your crypto in the marketplace and store your crypto on the exchange. However, if your seller trusts you, after a few trades and good feedback, you can ask them to send crypto directly to you!

For sellers, we recommend depositing an amount that can be used to open trades with you. E.g. if you deposit 0.002 BTC to activate your ads, buyers can only open a trade for a maximum of 0.002  BTC with you. 

This works if you want to carry out all your trades off-exchange, but if you want buyers to be able to open bigger trades with you, then it is wiser to deposit the average trade amount you would like e.g. you can deposit $100 and then trade outside escrow, the $100 will keep reverting to your balance as long as you complete the trade outside escrow and with just one $100 deposit you can do unlimited $100 trades or even more if that’s what the buyer wishes.

Again, our focus is to be a place where sellers and buyers can get in touch with each other and conduct business directly without any middleman if they so choose and we already have more than 50,000 people using and trusting our platform.

So, keep these tips in mind and good luck in the world of cryptocurrency!

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